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Alaska Halibut Fishing in Sitka

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The Sitka Alaska area enjoys a plentiful supply of halibut all year round.  We are fishing for 50 to 150 lb halibut, but have caught fish in the high 300 lb range.  The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports the Sitka area supports one of the state's largest recreational halibut fisheries.  This is no surprise to us -- we consistently come into the Sitka docks with substantial halibut fishing catches. 

Great Halibut Fishing? Sitka's got it!

Sitka is a popular halibut fishing port because it IS a good location for Alaska sport fishing trips.  The scenery is great here and the history interesting, but if you're a fisherman, those are just a bonus -- you're looking for good fishing!  Sitka has it.

Why for Sitka for your Halibut fishing trip?
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Halibut  make great eating, either fresh or frozen.  We can arrange to have your catch frozen for shipment from Sitka to your home so you can enjoy them throughout the year.

These big fish come in all sizes -- the biggest halibut caught in Alaska waters was almost 500 pounds.  These are strange-looking fish when they come up from the bottom.  One side of the fish is almost white and the other tends to take on the coloration of the ocean bottom where they live.  This gives them a protective coloration from both predators and prey. 

Catching or Eating - Sitka Halibut Can't Be Beat

Given their size and weight, bringing in a big one can be exhausting -- and exciting at the same time.  Catching the big ones is fun, but even the medium-sized fish are great fun and excellent eating.  Their firm white flesh has a wonderful taste and provides a fitting end to your Sitka fishing adventure.

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